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Broken-Down House

Finished the book by Paul David Tripp today, really helped me to understand and get to grips with a lot of issues. It is a broken-down house, but for now, we can live in it and make the most of it.


To Know More of Grace

To know more of grace
Yours, my greatest need.
When trivial weeds demand attention
Grace, is the only one which pleads.

To know more of grace
What great cost for You.
Calvary, that hill of bloodied cross,
Your Son, hung there, between two.

Eternal Life Has Appeared in Christ

Going through 1 John at the moment. Heard this sermon a couple of days ago on the way to work.

Eternal Life Has Appeared in Christ :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library.

On My Way To Aberystwyth.

Have booked a week off work, a week of school, got free(ish)  lodging, what more could you ask for?

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Such a challenge for me. I can be so flipping petty sometimes which doesn’t affect only me, it says something about God and to my friends. Can I agree with Paul? Can I honestly say that I am content in “whatever” situation I am in. No! But how do I do it? Verse 13 is a real encouragement, praise God it doesn’t rely on us! It’s God who strengthens us.

Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”

God help me.


Again, how small we are.

The End of an Era!

My little motor which has been with me for just under year has died after being destroyed by a drink-driver in Cardiff. She’s driven me only 3,000 miles but at 13 (which is 110 in car-years) I take my hat off. Goodbye!

The other picture is earth from 4 billion miles away – it’s just a dot! Virtually nothing in the vastness of space, yet, this is where we live! It’s definitely a small world after all.

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