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Some latest quick sketches.


Good morning people!

This is just me trying to sort out the feature image.

A time for everything… including revision.

Yeh, I know it’s that time of year again. I haven’t revised like this for two years no so sorry if I’m not as able as everyone else! It’s flipping hard to get back into things!

This post is pointless, I’m just testing out a new keyboard of mine as the one connected to my laptop has decided to become only temperamental. Thanks keys. If you weren’t connected you’d be in the bottom of a black plastic bag.

Furthermore, I have decided to take it upon myself to really get to grips with what I, young Dan Jones, believe. I think I’ve taken it all slightly for granted for way too long. It’s time to set things straight. I’m going to aim to do some postings about different parts of what is also known as Calvinism (yeh, the name isn’t amazing) thanks to a little push by a good friend.

This post is so corny, just run away now and tell me to grow up when you see me.

T h i s  k e y b o a r d  i s  a m a z i n g l y  s u p p l e  b t w.

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