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Jerry Springer The Opera

On Monday there will be a public demonstration outside the Millenium Centre, Cardiff because there will be a showing of “Jerry Springer The Opera” if you don’t know much about about it I’ll give you some facts:

The musical, which has been in London theatres for three years, features Jesus, Mary and God as guests on Springer’s TV show and up to 300 swear words. It portrays Jesus as a “coprophiliac sexual deviant”. A coprophiliac is someone sexually aroused by faeces.

When the BBC wanted to transmit it 47,000 complaints were received before transmission yet the BBC still went ahead and broadcast it.

If you have a look on the Christian Voice website they have much more to say, how it goes totally against what we believe.

We cannot appear to not care for our faith. If you have read up about it and want to stand up for the name of Christ and you live in South Wales, come to Cardiff!

I’ll post more details of when and how when I get more details (hopefully!)


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