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Strain! I’ve got a million and one things to do. Started my thrilling essay on the Cumbrian Combines and subsequent riots. Oh so interesting. Don’t get me wrong, history is the subject that draws me and intrigues me so much. But there are some parts of history (predominantly the Industrial Revolution) that just bore me.

From a young age the IR has been hammered into my very being with such refrained teachers that my skull has become numb to the drone. What interests me are parts of history that have not been conversed to death.

Last Thursday I spent a day in Oxford to attend the Oxford University open day. The sites are absolutely amazing – you feel part of history. Surrounded by a myriad of ancient stone walls and buildings accompanied by a vast span of open spaces stretching as far as the eye can see.
I walked along the grounds that great men and women had also once walked upon. People such as John Wycliff, William Tyndale, William Harvey, Oscar Wilde and C S Lewis.
I have hopes and dreams, but there is a line where reality has to be drawn. Oxford it truly a thought-provoking and awe-inspiring place. Even if the Lord has other plans – I’ll be working very hard over the forthcoming months.
Stress. I better get on with my essay.

North to South Wales on a bike!

On June 7th I will be embarking on a 250-mile trip from North to South Wales. Here’s a map:

Just want to say thank you to all who sponsered me and so far I’ve raised £1000 for The Care and Share Foundation: Uganda.

I shall keep you up-to-date of my travels and when I get back (hopefully June 11th) I will tell all.


Customer Care

Grr… It really drives me mad when customers think they know everything. They cease to understand the real work that goes on behind the false smile. “I’m not trying to offend, but..” or “I say this with the greatest respect, but…” As a Christian, I know God calls me to love those who are hard to love – and you’re telling me it’s hard!


Manually lower heart rate.

Think about fluffy bunnies, clouds, sunshine and marshmallows. Like so,


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