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Mark 10:13-31.

This morning’s sermon was based on the above passage and the minister opened it up so well. It was a humbling example of when I assume I understand a passage, which in actual fact is far far-away from the truth. The verse which really got me was v.27,

With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.

I’ve heard people say so many times to go to Christ with my problems and sins and entrust him to deal with them. But I’ve never listened, I’ve always gone away and read books about the issue (as my close friends will tell you, such a self-helper!) in hope for a physical remedy to my troubles. The minister made it clear today that instead of falling at Christ’s knees and saying, “I can’t do it! Help me!” I walk away just as the rich guy who was ‘sad at this word, and went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions’ thinking it’s hopeless.

When will I ever get it into my thick skull that it is impossible for me but entirely, fully, 100% possible with God?! I’m such a disciple!




It’s 3am and one of those nights when there’s no point
lying waiting for those sheep to carry you piggy-back to the Land
of Nod (I can never say that without thinking of those two children
succumbing to the Atlantic in the doomed Titanic).

I promised an update with each chapter of Disciplines of a Godly Man. I’ve been reading it but just not pent the energy to sit down and write about the individual chapters. But I will say that Hughes has helped me out immensely over the past few weeks. His book along with Stuart
Olyott’s series ‘The Aspects of Spirituality’ has made my 2011
already. I skipped my daily readings today (lack of organisation)
but I’ve learnt that taking time out to read God’s word and to
spend time with him in pray is so important. Not just through books
and sermons but through my own realisation. It just makes more
sense the more I read it.

I’ve found myself thinking about things a
lot lately. I want to square up to why I believe the gospel. I
believe it to be true, but why? Is it simply a rut that I’m in, do
I do what I do everyday not out of love for my Redeemer but out of
routine, out of life, ‘I do it cos I’ve always done it!’ They’re
questions I need to answer because I insult everyone around me if I
don’t have good enough answers for their questions. Hmm.

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