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Time Flies

This Monday will be my 18th birthday and I’m looking forward to it. It may not sound exciting but I’ve been given an amazing book for the serious learner of Welsh. It is a massive dictionary with literally everyword in the English language translated to Welsh. I can’t wait to open it!

I’m also going to have the must-have students’ game, “Articulate”. After a heated and very competitive game with some students, it became obvious to me that this was no ordinary game! I’m so childish and the fact that I really can’t play this game as well as all those around me makes it all the more better… I really must pull myself together.

It’s been a tough time since I last spoke, but I’m not here to talk about myself, I’m not that vain – who wants to know about danindajungle?! Not me!

But on May 13, it will be the last (I pray not ever) Christian Union in my local school. With the help from a Christian teacher and ultimately, God, I started the CU in Easter 2004 and God has blessed it throughout the past five years. Despite it only having a small number attending now, it has over the years seen over 10% of the school’s pupils. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but the school is filled with people who have no desire to attend, and what’s worse, it is full of Christians who feel the same way.

The meeting started in the corridor outside the Religious Studies area, with me sitting on the floor telling a group of fellow students about the gospel. From there we moved into one of the RE rooms and the meeting took off. For about 2 years, the numbers continues to grow, reaching a peak of 40 squashed into one room to hear the gospel from a rep of UCCF. That day was one of the greatest in my life. 40 may not seem like many, but in this school, 40 young people hearing the gospel is a miracle.

I pray that everyone of those students will remember what was said in the future. Some told me that it was a shock to the system and that they would continue coming, but even after one week, Satan has snatched away the desire from their lives.

As well as the students learning the gospel, I too have developed my understanding over the years. I believe if it wasn’t for friends with really tough question about the Bible and its contents, I wouldn’t know half as much as I do now. But not only me and the students, but teachers as well, many teachers know about the “Christian Union” – the weird club set up by Dan – and I’ve had lots of conversations with the teachers over the years as well, some of the best with science teachers, they’re great!

It is sad to leave knowing that the work done over the past four years may go quiet and be forgotten. But in the end, that’s what we’re hear for. God uses us for a short time and then when he finishes with us, he moves us on to the next task. I have faith that He won’t forget the school.

Anyway, hope this has spurred you to pray even only once for the future of this work. Pray that all those who’ve ever come will one day come to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

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