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Nehemiah 1: Prayer

This sermon was given Jan 20, 2010 in the Cardiff Christian Union. Not great notes, but they’re just a reminder.

There are a lot of myths about prayer. Most Christians do struggle with it, ‘If you want to humble a man, ask him about his prayer life.’ We meet Nehemiah with “holy discontent” – we need to hear the reality for our praying to be more intense, it will change naturally as the true reality of the situation dawns on us. We need to look, we need to see.

  1. He prays the Character of God, Myth #1: ‘Let’s “just” pray’. Prayer is the first thing you do. Prayer is all about God and not about you. Study the character of God.
  2. He prays to the Grace of God, Myth #2: ‘We’re not good enough to pray’. He loves us despite our sinfulness – you are never good enough to pray. I’ve blown it – so I’d better pray! Grace not works.
  3. He prays the Word of God (vv.8-10), Myth #3: ‘Prayer changes God’s mind’. Matt. 9:36 – look out and see your friends as Jesus did and have compassion on them. Pray that the workers be many. Col. 4:2-6, prayer for mission in the Bible is focused on the workers – make sure you pray for one another, that there will be workers. Pray for yourselves that you will be clear when telling in the Gospel.
  4. He prays for the Will of God (v.11). Pray specifically, for specific people.
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