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True Repentance

True repentance has a distinct and constant reference to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you repent of sin without looking to Christ, away with your repentance. If you are so lamenting your sin as to forget the Savior, you have a need to begin all this work over again. Whenever we repent of sin, we must have one eye upon sin and another upon the cross; or, better still, let us have both eyes upon Christ, seeing our sin punished in him, and by no means let us look at sin except as we look at Jesus.

A man may hate sin just as a murderer hates the gallows but this does not prove repentance if I hate sin because of the punishment, I have not repented of sin; I merely regret that God is just. But if I can see sin as an offense against Jesus Christ, and loathe myself because I have wounded him, then I have a true brokenness of heart. If I see the Savior and believe that those thorns upon his head were put there by my sinful words; if I believe that those wounds in his heart were pierced by my heart-sins; if I believe that those wounds in his feet were made by my wandering steps, and that the wounds in his hands were made by my sinful deeds, then I repent after a right fashion. Only under the cross can you repent.

Repentance elsewhere is remorse, which clings to the sin and only dreads the punishment. Let us then seek, under God, to have a hatred of sin caused by a site of Christ’s love.”

“Go as you are to Christ, and ask him to give that tenderness of heart which shall be to you the indication that pardon has come; for pardon cannot and will not come unattended by a melting of soul and a hatred of sin. Wrestle with the Lord! Say, I will not let you go except you bless me. Get a fast hold upon the savior by a vigorous faith in his great atonement.

Oh! May his spirit enable you to do this! Say in your soul, here I will abide, at the horns of the altar; if I perish I will perish at the foot of the cross. From my hope in Jesus I will not depart; but I will look up and still say, savior, your heart was broken for me, break my heart! You were wounded, wound me! Your blood was freely poured forth, for me, Lord let me pour forth my tears that I should have nailed you to the tree. Oh Lord, dissolve my soul; melt it in tenderness, and you will be forever praised for making your enemy your friend.”

“May God bless you, and give you repentance, if you have not repented; and if you have, may he enable you to continue in it all your days, for Jesus Christ sake. Amen.”

Psalm 51 is the photograph of a contrite spirit. Oh, let us seek after the like brokenness of heart, for however excellent our words may be, yet if the heart is not conscious of the blackness and Hell-deservingness of sin, we cannot expect to find mercy with the Judge of all the earth. If the Lord will break your heart, consent to have it broken; asking that he may sanctify that brokenness of spirit to bring you in earnest to a savior, that you may yet be numbered with the righteous ones.”


Try try again…?

It’s been a tough few weeks, but I’m finally starting to settle down and revise as my exams are next week.

Recently I’ve been losing sight of the glory of God and I’ve found it really hard to follow him. I don’t want to go the wrong way in my life, but the devil is so convincing.

God has been speaking to me through my troubles…

As I was sitting in my conservatory yesterday a large bumble bee came in through the double doors leading into the garden. The bee started hitting the roof (made of glass) trying to get out and I watched it for a few minutes as it got angrier and angrier about it’s predicument.

I wanted to help the bee but it wouldn’t let me, I tried and tried but it would just fly to the other side of the room.

It was at that point that God spoke to me and said, “Dan, that is exactly how you are acting and treating your problems. When you enter into a problem you will try and find your own way out, and you will always fail. Just like the bee, you could hit the problem a million times and would never get through. Dan, no matter how hard you try without my council and guidance you will never escape.”

The bee gave up and in the end I managed to get him out. God showed me, that I’ll only get out of my problems when I’ve given up and handed the problem to God. All God asks for when we find ourselves in problems is just to keep our hope in him to pray and thank him for everything he has given us, see 1 Thessalonians 5:14-22

And we urge you, brothers, warn those who are idle, encourage the timid,
help the weak, be patient with everyone.
Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong,
but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.
Be joyful always; pray continually;
give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt.
Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.

Later that day a wasp came in and it is still in there now, it refuses to give up and warns me off whenever I come near. A person who is sure in themselves that they will get themselves out of their situation alone will never be totally free from their situation – they will stay there until the day they die. They will be useless to Christ and will never produce the fruits that God had planned for them, they wil be salt without flavour and the only purpose for useless salt is to keep the fires warm.


God has been so truly amazing to me today, I though I’d just show you how.

I’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately about my habitual sins and how I do it again and again and again, how I say sorry over and over again, ask for change over and over again – I began to think that maybe God wants me to stay like this for the rest of my life. But this passage came to me today:

Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all who wait for him.

God waits to be gracious, but He does not refuse to be gracious! He can indeed change our hearts just as he raised Lazarus from the dead!

Do you remember that story? Mary pleaded with Jesus over and over to save Lazarus, but Jesus refused. He only came to the rescue once Lazarus had died. Why? Because God’s glory was shown more magnificently raising Lazarus from the dead, than it would if he healed him.

Oh yes, he changes hearts and lives!

Hope you have been blessed by this,

I’ve finally met her!

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I finally met rebecca and it was so amazing! Aw, well I must keep in mind that she is just a human being just like every one of us!

See yeh,


I just thought I’d give you an update on my situation at the moment.

  • I have completely finished compulsory education (woo!) but I still have to go back in September for Year 12 to do my ASs. Fun fun fun. If I get the right results I should be taking; Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Welsh and if I really push myself I might take Religious Studies. But that is a big might.
  • I had my first GCSE on Monday and to be honest it was very easy. I did Business and Communication Studies Practical Exam – which means I just do some stuff on the PC. Sorted! I’ve always been a whiz kid on the PC, when I was in Year 2 (5/6) the teachers used to ask me to fix the computers in the school! I’ve got the BCS Theory next Monday…not so easy.
  • I just thought I’d tell you about Setting Captives Free there’s a link on the right and a banner at the bottom of the screen. This is an amazing mentoring site for believers and unbelievers alike, it teaches how if you are a captive in sin you can be set free, all by the cross of Jesus Christ. You go through a course of usually one or two months. There are courses covering sexual issues (purity, homosexuality, teen purity etc.) food issues (bad eating habits, children, walking etc.), substance abuse (alcohol and smoking), gambling, and many more. I’m telling you now, if you have a problem in any of these areas, please try out one of these courses, it is hard, I’m going through one myself and the devil is putting stuff in my way all the time!
  • I’m seeing Rebecca St. James on Friday!!!
  • I had a bonsai tree for my birthday, I’m going to put a picture of it on soon, if anyone has any tips please tell me! I don’t want it to die!

That’s all for now folks, hope you enjoyed this.

My Stickam has been updated (look near the bottom) it has some new songs by Charlie Hall and Casting Crowns. Just click on the music button and press play!

See yeh,


Hey all! I’m finally 16!


I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything recently and I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I’ll just update you.

As you might of guessed it is my birthday today. Yesterday I got in touch with my feminin side and had my hair done, but it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped. That’ll teach me! It’s also my last day at school today and it’s a sad day because I won’t be seeing some of my friends for a very long time. But that’s life! I personally hate change, but praise be to God that He never changes and I always have that thought at the back of my mind. Imagine if God did change? What type of world would this be then?!

If you look in the “Incommunicable Attributes of God” section of the right side bar, you find “Unchangeableness” – which is just notes taken from Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine (thank you Rachel!). Incommunicable attributes are things that God has or can do, but we can’t, he hasn’t “communicated” then to us.

Anyway, I went to Harvester for my Birthday and I also went to see Ice Age 2 – Scratch is awesome! And I’ll give you a little cryptic clue (what the heck is that – it just sounded good) – Scratch must have had a personal relationship with a Savory. When you see it, you might understand.

See yeh!
Danj (16 year old)

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. My revision is getting to me, especially Welsh. I have to learn four pages of Welsh by next Wednesday! If you don’t know what Welsh is, research it, it’s a great language, I’ll give you some greetings to learn:

Helô – hello
Hwyl – bye
Bore Da – good morning
Prynhawn Da – good afternoon
Nos Da – good night
Shw’mae? – hi/how are you?

I’m still a learner, but I will speak it fluently in the future.

See yeh!

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