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The End of an Era

ImageSo it’s coming up to the last month of university, and if I’m honest, emotions are running high. Three years have gone by and so much has changed. The scariest part is having to go into the real world, if I’m honest (again), I’ve got NO CLUE about the next year or so. I had so many plans, but they’ve all ended miserably.

It’s the mates who I’m going to miss the most. My housemates! Probably three of the best friends I’m ever going to have! We’ve learned to live with each other and it’s worked out beautifully. It could have gone horribly wrong two years ago when I knew nothing about two people who I’d be living with. The same goes for the Christian friends. The Church I got stuck into, Emmanuel Evangelical Baptist Church in Gabalfa, has been a life-saver during the university years. I’ve made friends that I’m going to miss so much. They’ve been there for me in the good and bad times and have helped me persevere through life.

I tried my best to stick around in Cardiff, but it wasn’t gonna work out. Ah, it’s for the best I suppose. I’m sure I’ll read this post again in a few years time and say that “it was meant to be” (althought I HATE that phrase). Or maybe it won’t and I’ll be stuck in a dead-end job with no friends… I’ll pass that bridge when I get to it.

It is true, God is good. I’ve got a bright future, but for the minute, I’m gonna keep my head down and keep going.


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