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Seminar: The Foreign Presence in China

Got a seminar tomorrow and have absolutely no idea what I’m reading. Thank goodness for Google Books which has the reading I need for this seminar here.

It’s definitely going to be easier by breaking everything down first. The Boxer Rebellion, simple stuff really. As always, there’s an awesome Wiki article, which gives a great general overview.

According Roger A. Thompson, Westerners were just being too pushy. They allowed too many provisions to be made by force.

treaty ports, extraterritorial rights, tariffs and indemnities were specified and, for the first time, the Chinese were compelled to allow foreigners to travel and reside in China’s interior.

Not only this but China was being filled with Christian missionaries. From what I can see there were some good and some very bad. I’ve already mentioned John and Betty Stam in a previous post. Both were murdered in 1934 by Communist soldiers. Although this was many years after, it proves that we can’t lump all the missionaries together. Just as anything in live there are the good and bad.

The first China Inland Missionaries created their first permanent station in Pingyang in 1879 where they got to work aiding the huge human suffering caused by the famines.

Thompson bring up an interesting point which I need to look into. He suggests that a cult had begun through the Protestant missionaries which he calls the ‘psychology of martyrdom’. This idea wasn’t isolated, but it persecution was told to be expected.

Times changed in 1876-9 when the Great Famine occurred.

I don’t know, Chinese history isn’t really doing it for me at the moment. Well, maybe it’s because it’s 2:23am and I am shattered. The Shining Red Lanterns anybody?

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