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The Identity of the Scottish Nation: An Historic Quest

Critical Review

Just found a great book by William Ferguson going through the ins and outs of the history of Scotland. Annoyingly it’s not in the Arts and Social library in Cardiff, but un-annoyingly, I found a link to read it free online.

The Identity of the Scottish Nation: An Historic Quest.

Actually, it’s a deceptive website. It’s not free, but you can read most of it on Google Books here. Phew.


Robert of Rhuddlan

Interesting character, it might be good to do a piece of work on him. According to Wikipedia, he was a Norman adventurer, lord of NE Wales and for a time, lord of all N Wales. So a pretty exciting guy.

I’m reading “The Normans in Britain” by Walker, and Rhuddlan seems to keep popping up. He’s mentioned in the Domesday Book alongside Rhys ap Tewdwr of Deheubarth for paying William the Conqueror £40 pa. He was very influential in that Norman success depended upon him in the 1070s and 80s. His castles at Rhuddlan and Degannwy were the base of trouble for much of Gwynedd.

There’s load more about this guy. I’m not sure whether to spend time digging deeper? Maybe another time. But definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

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