4.5 hours to go!

It’s only four point five hours until we catch the train to Holyhead. Exciting stuff. Will definitely be vlogging through the entire journey, with all the triumphs and tears – with the latter most likely from me.

I think I have everything. I’m using a duvet cover as a sleeping bag, I guess it might be colder, but much lighter which I may or may not live to regret. Two pairs of underwear, totally enough for five days, and the odd bag of Haribo (just for the train up).

Still haven’t sorted out a place to stay on the last night, seems that bunkhouses just don’t answer their phones on a Sunday… I’m realising that a serious amount of prep has not occurred.

Okay, lots to do. Tweets will be available throughout the trip along with some interesting notes on the variety of towns, villages and hamlets we go through.

Otherwise, see you on the other side.



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