Nehemiah 2: Taking Action

  1. Waiting for God. At the end of ch.1 we see that there is an expectation for God to answer. “I need you to help today“. But this turns to three or four months before the day becomes that day. Waiting on God doesn’t mean laziness or inactivity.
    v.1 – he gets on with the job in hand. Waiting for God gives a time for meditation (vv.5-8) – he suddenly has this plan. As God’s leader he knows that he has to be prepared. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” He has confidence from God within him. Hebrews 4:14-16 – “confidence” in our time of need. We have an opportunity that is unrivalled – we would be fools if we did it ourselves.
  2. Working for God. Nehemiah knows what he’s called to do and he’s not going to miss this responsibility. Are you ready to get stuck in to doing God’s work for you? Working for his glory (Ephesians 2:10) is what we should be doing. Warning: v19, from inside the camp there is opposition. Throughout the Bible we’re told to expect persecution – people will not believe the Gospel if we are not prepared to go out.
    v.20 – how should we be prepared? God is the one on which every person will rely. It is not any of the Mission Week that will save people, it won’t be your effort. The success is in God, he does the saving – what a great relief! Our mistakes will not be a problem that God can’t overcome. For his glory, amen.


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