Twitter Bug

I have to admit that I’ve caught the Twitter bug. It all started last night when it was mentioned by a friend and haven’t been able to get off it since. Yeh, it could be just a flirt but it’s such an exciting idea.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

But more importantly…

…It’s coming up to Easter now – probably the most important time of the year for the Christian. Christmas is something we celebrate out of luxury but Easter although it seems less important is the centre of what we believe. Isn’t it amazing to think of the depths of wonderment that the Easter story goes down to! Such a simple story, yet so profound in many respects.

Just by flipping through Grudem’s Systematic Theology you get a small sense of the complexity of God’s plan yet the utter simplicity that makes it sound foolish to those who aren’t willing to understand. It is true that the Word of God is full of instances where babies can paddle yet elephants are forced to swim in.

What a great God we have. I’m sure I’ll post some thoughts on the Easter message over the next few days.


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