Pray for your Missionaries

Map of SE Asia

"we value prayer"

At my local church tonight we were given a whistle-stop tour of the missionary work going on in south-east Asia. It was overwhelming at times, but also challenging, prayer-provoking, God-glorifying and hopeful. These people no matter what Satan threw at them had hope (something that I personally felt I lacked) – to hope in God when death, torture, suffering and so on turns your life inside-out.

We should never forget the many people that God has placed into these difficult, sometimes life-threating, areas of the world.

Although not much can be said so publically, prayer for these workers is of vital importance. Why not pray now for those individuals and families who your church has connections with – they will most certainly need it. If you want more information about missionary work across the globe check out the website, there’s so much to pray for.

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