Yr Wyddfa – The Next Challenge

After cycling the length of Wales, the next challenge had to be succumb – Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) – the highest point in Wales. Standing at just over 1000m it looms over its surroundings. The walk was absolutely amazing with every step providing a new perspective of the idyllic region of North Wales. You can see some of my favourite photos in my Flickr album. The summit was not easy to reach and we weren’t ultimately rewarded with the best view as visibility was confined to just a few meters due to the low cloud.


The whole scenario remained me of those times in the Bible when God’s presence was for very rare moments in time confined to a mountain. Even without the overwhelming presence of the Almighty, his handiwork cries out that there is a Creator. Yes, much of what is seen is produced through natural possess, and I agree. But I can see the hand of God using the forces of nature that He created right at the beginning of time. The formation of glaciers during the Ice Age that scoured out much of the landscape of Wales.

Another thing that struck me at the top of the mountain was the feeling of pure elation on reaching the peak. If it would have been possible I would have looked back over the tough journey and truly believe, as I do, that despite the struggle of reaching the summit, it all balances on reaching the ultimate destination. In comparison this can be put into our lives as God’s children. We have a hope, we have a goal, we have an ultimate destination and although the road seems tough now, when we look back it will only pale in comparison with the situation we will be in then! If that amazing feeling of completion can be felt at the top of a tiny mountain (that’s not even in the top 100 highest mountains in the world!) then how much more the sense of completion will be when we reach our true home!

Isn’t this an amazing thought? We are aliens, we are travellers but one day we won’t have to travel any more – we would have reached our final destination, to be in the presence of the Almighty, to be pure and spotless, to be forever with the Lord. Is this a fantasy? Is it something that has been made up to make life more bearable? Looking at the validity of the Bible in other, earthly aspects then when Jesus, the Son of God says there is a heaven, why not?

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