The Worst Time of Year

Yes, it is upon all students – the time of late nights, frequent trips to the local supermarket for new jars of value coffee, sagging eyes, headaches and not to mention the mess that’s sprawl across the room that you keep meaning to tidy up but just haven’t got round to it. I’m sitting at my desk with all of the above, although I have taken to drinking tea, with no sugar, so feel a bit better about myself.

My new laptop, however, is a beauty. It’s a Lenovo X60 Tablet with voice recognition and the all the rest. I love voice recognition. All you have to say is "Start Listening" and a whole new world of human-machine relationship opens up before you. Fantastic. I’ve also managed to set up a wireless connection so I can steal the Internet off of the computer downstairs – material possessions aye – could really probably do without it.

Thinking about it, there is really no reason for me to write a blog. I don’t suppose anyone reads this paragraphed rubbish – I suppose it could either be me desperately trying to get myself heard to appease my social depravity or it could be, and most probably it, a way for me to publish writings that I can gawk at in the future. For all I know, my 35 year-old me could be reading this sentence right now… Hello! What are you like? Can you speak Welsh fluently yet? Do you have a wife and kids? Or are you a failure? Are you dead?!

I’m sorry, all the exam stress is turning my sane mind into a box of blind dogs. Yesterday morning I sat a paper talking about the mastery of Hitler, whether he was indeed what the interpretation claimed him to be. The exam started half and hour late, giving us enough time to practically lose any last bit of knowledge that had stuck in our sieve-like brains.

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