Computer Troubles!

Last night was the eve of a paper deadline and turned into one of the scariest non-life threatening scenarios I have ever had to go through.

The paper was going to take most of the night to write so I therefore started at 18:30 and for the next 5 hours everything was fine and dandy. I wrote about 1,500 words on German history 1871-1980 with just another half to go. Then as I clicked the save button an error message appeared saying that it could not save, and before I knew it Word had crashed and burned along with my writings. No auto-recovery, no file saved anywhere.


I learnt a vital lesson here, that whenever you save something, always save it onto an external drive! And hey, it gave me an interesting story to tell you. I finally did scrawl the paper in 1 hour and hoped the teacher wouldn’t mind. Thankfully, it all turned out okay in the end.

But it got me thinking, during my typing and my saving I thought that my work was safe, I thought that what usually happens to other people not as computer literate as I am (yeah!) would never happen to me. And so I suppose that what we could say is the same with life. We may think we’re safe, we put our money into banks, we hold important documents on the Internet, but more personally we believe that by doing these things we are safe.

The Bible says differently and goes to great lengths to say that we are not safe, no matter how safe we try to be. We will one day stand before a Holy God and he will demand your every action to have a reasons and consequence. All your safe money will be gone, all your precious documents will be gone everything from then will be gone, just like my paper that require meticulous research and rewordings – GONE.

This only adds weight to the poem so challenging to believers and unbelievers:

Only one life
‘Twill soon be past,
Only what’s done
For Christ will last.


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