Music of the Future…Indeedy

This year has the seen the rise of new favourites, Adele and the Gog (North Walian), Duffy. Both bringing back the 20th Century soul. There must be more out there?! My favourite song has to be Duffy’s Rockferry and I will forever relate it to cycling down to Cardiff and back to Beddau on a sunny morning following the slowly running River Taff with my impatience towards slower cyclists and inconsiderate cars. Not only was I listening to these two singing their hearts out, but I listened to two sermons given my John Piper. Through John Piper, God has shown me a vast array of sound knowledge and teaching that cannot be despised.

The first sermon was about Pride and how we can deal with it as Christians. It really taught me alot, showing the correlation between the actions of the ancient people creating the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) and issues of pride today. It was really interesting to note that however we try and impress other people, or God for that matter, it literally is nothing compared to what God can do. Anyway don’t let me steal Piper’s steam, listen to the sermon here, or just check out the page here

The second sermon was the most challenge, Envy. If we’re all honest we struggle with envy, something that Piper makes plain right at the start of the message. Based around Psalm 37:1-7, Piper describes how Envy leads to unbelief. Very challenging, and it came just at the right time after I recently had an imense feeling of envy towards Christian peers who seemed to have a better Christian life and a better life in general. Listen to the sermon here, or read it on the webpage here.

I pray you’ll be challenged by what God says in these sermons. True Christianity is no spectator sport.


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