I don’t know about you but recently I’ve been blown over by the claims of NLP. After doing some research I wondered whether it is something a Christian should get involved in.

What is NLP?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of what works in human psychology and communication. It is all about how we think, feel and behave and the effective techniques for enhancing human ability, which includes resolving problems in therapy. NLP originated at the University of Santa Cruz in the early to mid 1970’s and incorporates insights from various other disciplines such as hypnotherapy, linguistics and anthropology.

Some Principles of NLP
Like many other ‘methods’ in psychology everything about NLP is not wrong and there is no question that its overall aim is to help people. However, our main concern here is whether it is in conflict with the beliefs of evangelical Christianity and the living of a Christian Life.

First, we list some of the principles of NLP and if these are taken to their natural conclusion then, we believe, it does bring us into conflict with an all powerful Creator God who loves and cares for us.

• All experiences are subjective – we respond to our internal representation of events, not to the events themselves.

• Everyone has all the resources they need for success – there are no ‘unresourceful’ people, only ‘unresourceful’ states.

• Everyone makes the best choice available to them at the time.

• Behind every behaviour is a positive intention.

• There is no failure, only feedback.

• I am in charge of my mind, and therefore my results.

Such statements leave out the problem, as the Bible shows, that man is not basically good but has been affected by sin and is incapable in himself of fully solving the problems he has.

NLP teaches that “man can do it”, he has all the resources he needs to solve life’s problems. The Bible would say the opposite and so we can see where conflict could arise in the life of a committed Christian.

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Just a thought.



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