Wenglish/Englesh Phrases

Wenglish and Englesh (not English) is the language that every Welsh person speaks. Usually both are just called Wenglish to save confusion. Wenglish is the mixture of the English and Welsh language (a little bit like Patwa in Jamaica). We have some great phrases that have cropped up:

“I’ll be there in a minute now” – It’s an oxymoron that you here alot of Welsh people say. It just means “I’ll be there as soon as possible.” if you want a literal meaning.

“A’rite?!” – (said “or-ite”) like the equivalent to “G’day mate!” or “Hey!” or “Are you alright?”

“But” – Friend e.g. “A’rite but?”

“Mun” – Nobody really knows why we say this, but it might derive from the word “Man” to express a feeling. It’s is used to reflect that feeling of annoyance, e.g. “What are you doing mun!!” in other words, “What are you doing that for you stupid person!” Almost always used at the end of a sentence.

“Dur” – Another word someone might use to express annoyance. Usually used at the beginning of a sentence, e.g. “Dur, why are you so dumb?”.

“Dur mun!” – Meaning, “I’m really annoyed!”

“tidy” – Used to desribe something in a very positive way, equivelant would be “Wicked!” or “Awesome!”. Shows that your are impressed with something.

“Nasty” – Wenglish for “severely” e.g. “It’s raining nasty” meaning, “It’s raining very bad.”

“Ach-a-fi” – “disgusting”

This is just a few, next time I think of some more I’ll tell you! Wenglish is very funny.



One response to “Wenglish/Englesh Phrases”

  1. Anonymous says :

    where u 2 en? thats the best i now live in london and no english person understand me!

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