Just wanted to make a formal apology for not submitting a blog in ages. I will try and be better in the future. Don’t worry.

I’m working at the moment. As much as I love my job, it can get a bit tedious at times. But I’m so grateful for it!

It’s been difficult for me recently, especially with my walk with God. It’s funny how I always want to blog when things are going wrong!

One thing thats been on my mind lately it death and dying for Christ. I’ve been reading books like Jesus Freaks (DC Talk) and Sister Freaks (Rebecca St. James). They’ve really been encouraging, but at the same time it’s pretty scary to think that one day God may call me to do the same thing. I think we’ve always got to remember though, that through whatever trial and temptation, we will be held by the all-powerful hand of God.

I’d just like to remind you of an amazing website, http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com, it’s there for all those suffering, with habitual sins, e.g. lust (hetero and homosexual, gambling, smoking, teen purity.)

Hope you all have a great Autumn (or “Fall” as you silly Americans call it!! (only kidding!).

See yeh,

PS. Please leave a comment! or am I just talking to myself?

One response to “Apology”

  1. Granimore says :

    I’m not familiar with those books. What did God call them to do?

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