Hey all! I’m finally 16!


I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything recently and I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I’ll just update you.

As you might of guessed it is my birthday today. Yesterday I got in touch with my feminin side and had my hair done, but it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped. That’ll teach me! It’s also my last day at school today and it’s a sad day because I won’t be seeing some of my friends for a very long time. But that’s life! I personally hate change, but praise be to God that He never changes and I always have that thought at the back of my mind. Imagine if God did change? What type of world would this be then?!

If you look in the “Incommunicable Attributes of God” section of the right side bar, you find “Unchangeableness” – which is just notes taken from Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine (thank you Rachel!). Incommunicable attributes are things that God has or can do, but we can’t, he hasn’t “communicated” then to us.

Anyway, I went to Harvester for my Birthday and I also went to see Ice Age 2 – Scratch is awesome! And I’ll give you a little cryptic clue (what the heck is that – it just sounded good) – Scratch must have had a personal relationship with a Savory. When you see it, you might understand.

See yeh!
Danj (16 year old)


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