Tomorrow Never Comes

Looking through my parents’ photos I start to see how much I’ve missed. It makes me feel s sad that I didn’t know some of the people I see in the photos. Some of them have left this earth, to heaven or hell I don’t know. Looking at some wedding photos, many of those marriages have since fallen apart. Young Christians growing up in the Word, one day never returned. It is really sad and I pray and hope that I can be a blessing to those around me.

I don’t know about you, but when it’s my turn to be the parent and I show my children, my photos, I want to tell them that God used my life in every way possible. Just like John Piper says, I’d hate to get to the end of my life and say: “I’ve Wasted It!” even that thought just shivers my spine.

I believe we as Christians look too much at the present. We are constantly focusing too much on the little problems that face us each day, instead of laying them on the Lord, we’re trying to do it OUR way. Yes, the present is a present from God, and we should make the most of every possible moment, but as Christians, we need to encourage our eternal perspective. We have to look forward to the glory that is to come! Praise Him!

My favourite phrase that I picked up a while ago is this: Any moment now I will be standing in the presence of God giving an account of my life. Life is but a vapour, a mist. It is nothing compared to eternal life. Any choices I make now, I will either regret or remember fondly – and I want to be able to do the latter!

The time is NOW. Tomorrow never comes – this is so true. And I think that as Christians we should remember this. Think about it – don’t put something off if you can do it today. If you think you’ve got only one chance to minister to someone, don’t let the Devil trick you into denying that call from God.


One response to “Tomorrow Never Comes”

  1. Welshie says :

    Shw mai,Dont know you but linked to your site from Rachel’s blog.Just wanted to say that post really encouraged and challenged me, thanks 🙂 All the best for your GCSEs…give it all over to God and enjoy doing the work for Him! (yep, ENJOY it!)Colossians 3:23-24.Ahem, on that note, I’m getting back to the essay I was writing…!God bless

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