I’ve really been blessed by God today and I think it can all be put down to having a Bible Study in the morning! Honestly, it really does work. I’m trying to follow the rule, No read no feed, no Bible no breakfast.

It’s been a hard week, but finally I have finished all my coursework, God has helped me so much along the way. All that is left now is revision. Study! Study! Study! And I’m not just talking about God’s Word! I just can’t wait until the summer, no exams looming over my head it’ll be great!

Joshua (my 6 year old brother) totally thrashed my good friend Bobbett (aged 15) at pool this morning. Go Joshua! Go Joshua! Well I can’t talk Joshua’s beaten me a couple of times too.

I want to cycle more, ya’no, get it out of my system and get ready for these exams. I don’t want a one track mind where I focus solely on exams, I want to do other stuff at the same time. I’m riding my bike more now (it’s a very nice ride!) and I’m going to make myself go to the gym on Saturaday morning. If I don’t I will severely punish myself!!!

It’s a nice half-sunny day today, so I shall now go and bask in the warm sunshine.



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