These are a few of my favourite things… (!)

Here are a top ten of my favourite things…

10 Wood Lizard aka “Woody” – he’s been carved out of wood, I bought him last year and he is such a good little lizard. He’s only bitten me once…

9 My Bed – need I say more?! I think this is a universal thing, especially in the holidays…no need to get up, hmm, very nice. To be honest, I don’t know why I’m not in there now.

8 Giant Wood Wolf – confused? I love wood, especially drift wood, and as I was walking through the sand dunes in Ogmore I came across a 7ft piece of drift wood. It abstractly looks like a wolf, I’ll have to take a picture of it sometime. I carried it all the way to the car and it’s been in my back garden for two years now!

7 Lyon’s Coffee – Calling all coffee lovers! I only discovered this a few days ago, it’s the nicest coffee I’ve ever tried, and it’s not that expensive either! Go out and buy yourself some now!

6 Guitar – It’s a semi-acoustic and it’s my pride and joy. I’m only a beginner so I’m not a Jimmy Hendrix. I love the guitar and I just wish I could play it as well as it looks. Someday I will don’t you worry.

5 Music – Aah! I love music, it has to be one of the most amazing things designed by God!

4 Glow in the Dark Rubber Duck aka “Git Drud” – This was given to me as either a Christmas or birthday present I can’t remember, but it sure lights up my room in the night. It sits on my shelf, such a good little duck.

3 Piano – I’ve had this for eight years, sure it’s getting old a tatty, most of the keys have died and it’s beginning to crumble, but this piano taught me the ropes, taught me the basics of playing the piano. It has helped me through 7 grades and it might even help me through the last one. Aaww.

2 My Bibles (ESV and Amp.) – I love my Bibles, they’re both pocket-sized (can I just ask, who’s pockets are that big?) and they’re both close to my heart. I always have them on hand because I always need them. If you’re wondering, ESV is English Standard Version and Amp. is Amplified Version.

1 Sitting on Montie while the sun is setting – aahh!

Okay, so it’s not such an amazing list, but y’no, you still read it.

Just one thing to say, if there’s one thing on that list that I think you should go out and buy or do is get a Bible, and especially the Amplified version. If you don’t have a Bible – you don’t know what you’re missing out on! The Son of God died on the cross – he suffered all that pain for you! Have a read of “To the Unbeliever” and you might get a slightly better understanding of what God actually did for you. All the bad things that you have done were put on Jesus instead. Have a look at Life Online – they’re all there in the links on the right (my left, or my right hmm, have to think about that one…) –>

Thanks for reading!



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