The Mountain of the Lord aka. "Montie"

Hey. Sitting in my ICT lesson again and once again I am very bored.

It’s been an amazing couple of days. The sun’s shining and my mood is slowly lifting. All this bad winter weather has been giving me SAD and it’s been a very hard winter to stick to my Lord. But I’ve got thru the tunnel and I’m still running towards my goal!

Me and a couple of friends went up (we’ve nick-named it) the “Mountain of the Lord” or “Montie” for short. I know it sounds a stupid name but it came about because of a couple of coincidences that don’t seem coincident!

We walked for about two hours around the mountain, being big kids searching for hidden treasure! At the end we watched the sunset and rolled ourselves down Montie. It was invigorating to say the least!

It took my mind off all the revision that I have to do over the next few months for my GCSEs, my first exam is on May 22 – that’s 47 days away en counting! I’m trying not to be to anxious because I know that whatever happens, God has my life in his hands and has everything sorted out! Praise Him!

See yeh,

2 responses to “The Mountain of the Lord aka. "Montie"”

  1. siobhan says :

    u climbed a mountain????coolness x)lauz is getting baptised on 16th cn u make it?we need to catch up sum time!love you dude,siobhan xx

  2. Anonymous says :

    ja dat was kl……feel fit as cake now hehehefisha x x x

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