4 mile hike…

Hey! Just come back from a four mile walk with me mate… phew! My calves are killing me and it’ll probably feel worse in the morning. Oh well, the fun of being me!

Hope you’re all doing okay out there and I hope to hear from you soon (hint hint – leave a comment)!

I’m making myself a nice big bowl of basil and oregano pasta, mmm!

See yeh,

One response to “4 mile hike…”

  1. Anonymous says :

    wooooooooo dat was fun mwahahaha!! i never knew how steep dat willy wint as u put it was hehehe well have to go on tha hike agen n get other ppl to aswell…..*ill take a loo wid me next time so i dont have to w8 till i get it*fisha x x x

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