Hey all. I’m sitting in my ICT class mulling over things… hmm!

I’ve been reading the book Humility by C. J. Mahaney recently and it is an amazing book, it is a must read for all Christians out there young, old and in-betweens. It reveals what the Bible says about the issue of humility (which is a lot actually) and includes some practical helpers on how to live it out. Amazing read – go buy it NOW!

I believe that God is slowly teaching me thru His Word. I think my biggest mis-hap was in my idea of Grace. I believe that I’ve been learning the hard way of how grace works. I am such a sinner – why did God ever chose me?! And that’s where grace comes in! Praise Him!

The past few months have probably been the most difficult regarding my Christian walk. It has been so hard to keep my eyes focused on Jesus Christ and to keep running the race before me. But God is bringing me thru, teaching me a lot in the process. Especially his grace and mercy. I keep having the feeling that I have to “make up” for all the bad things that I’ve been doing but it doesn’t work like that! Whatever I make mistakes, God always loves me. He doesn’t love me any more or any less – and this is the thing that I most have to understand, that we all need to understand.

Never give up the hope you have,


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